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April 29th

Join Necconnect on Tuesday 4/29 @ 1pm EST for an in-depth discussion on ampacity and why temperature is critical to understanding wiring methods and materials.

This informative presentation will focus on the following NEC® articles:

  • Article 310 – Conductors for General Wiring
  • Article 110 – Requirements for Electrical Installations
  • Article 338 – Service-Entrance Cable: Types SE and USE
  • Article 334 – Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable: Types NM, NMC and NMS
In the Lightning Round of the inaugural NEC Challenge Championship held on January 24, the remaining two contestants, Robert Watkins, Jr., and Derek Vigstol, competed in a lightning round quiz of National Electrical Code® questions in 60 seconds, with the intention of answering as many questions correctly as possible before time ran out. Robert went first and answered 5 out of 6 questions correctly before the timer buzzed. Derek answered 6 out of 7 questions (the buzzer sounded during the 8th question) correctly. In the end, Derek was declared the 2014 NEC Challenge Champion, with Robert taking 2nd place, and the third contestant, who competed in the earlier two rounds of the Championship, Joseph Brinley, took the 3rd place prize. Test your own NEC® I.Q. when you watch the full NEC Challenge Championship! Read Article

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Article 100
Overload : Operation of equipment in excess of normal, full-load rating, or of a conductor in excess of rated ampacity that, when it persists for a sufficient length of time, would cause damage or dangerous overheating. A fault, such as a short circuit or ground fault, is not an overload.
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